Save your home this winter

Water damage is one of the worst enemy to your house during the winter months. It ruins floors, walls, equipment and foundation. Why the winter months: Pipes freeze, expanding... Read more »

Lansing and your money

Watch how your city or township is going to increase your local taxes. This could happen anytime soon. A Republican-led legislative committee quickly approved a bill Tuesday that would... Read more »

Proposed tax reform and you

I am sure you have heard about tax reform. Here is how it affects you: The U.S. Senate and House have passed different versions of a sweeping tax overhaul... Read more »

Local mayors retain seats

Detroit, Dearborn and Dearborn Heights mayors retain their seats Tuesday by a large margin. Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan defeated State Sen. Coleman Young II, netting more than 70,000 votes... Read more »

Affordable housing opportunity for seniors

Welcome home to Hubbard Manor West and Hubbard Manor East, independent senior living communities located in the beautiful city of Dearborn. The Dearborn Housing Division is proud to offer... Read more »

Shrimp Scampi and linguine

Here is great dish that is light, fancy and takes a few minutes to make. Prepare all ingredients while cooking the pasta.   Read more »

Tragedy in Las Vegas

A 54-year-old man allegedly shot and killed more than 58 people and injured more than 400 others in Las Vegas Sunday evening in the worst mass shooting in the... Read more »

Trump announces a new travel ban

President Donald Trump announced a new travel ban this week that includes Chard, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Venezuela and Yemen. The new ban is a replacement for... Read more »

Lottery hits 0-0-0-0 for first time

Who would play 0-0-0-0 on a lottery ticket? Well, about 1,000 played that number on Saturday winning about $5 million. The Michigan lottery landed on the 0-0-0-0 combination for... Read more »

Your personal data and the Equifax breach

By now, we know that the personal information of most Americans have been stollen from Equifax, and we are not sure what price to pay for that in the... Read more »