Election Day: Polls are open

The polls opened today at 7 a.m. and it is a great day to vote. The weather is sunny and cool, and this is the most important time to vote and exercise your right as a citizen.

What makes America great is that we have the choice to select our leaders on the local, state and national levels. Today, we hire people to represent us and work for us. Don’t miss the chance to be the boss.

Also, the presidential election is not the only item on the ballot. There are a host of local issues on the ballot, including judicial elections and ballot issues.

Judges interpret the law and have the final decision on what the law means. So selecting good and balanced judges is crucial.

Ballot issues include a referendum on requiring police to have a search warrant to search electronics, such as your cell phone. Most people today carry smartphones and those phones are essentially computers and carry a lot of personal information. So, if protecting personal information is important to you, then go ahead and vote yes on the ballot issue, and if you are happy with how the police have been conducting their searches, then vote no.

We hope that you go out there and vote no matter who and what you vote for. For more information about voting, visit


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