Mediterranean-tyle grilled Salman

Courtesy of Mayo Clinic website Ingredients 4 tablespoons chopped fresh basil 1 tablespoon chopped fresh parsley 1 tablespoon minced garlic 2 tablespoons lemon juice 4 salmon fillets, each 5... Read more »

طريقة البوظة العربية بالقشطة

طريقة البوظة العربية بالقشطة This is a great easy and simple recipe. Click here to see the video.     المكوّنات حليب بودرة – 4 أكواب سكر – كوب... Read more »

Food trends for 2018

We all want to be healthy, eat healthy and treat our bodies very well. And every January that urge gets a boost with the new year. Jackie London, RD... Read more »

Beet salad with cheese

Beet salad and goat cheese Salad for the summer. Bake beets, yellow and read and ad onions and vinager and salt and pepper to taste. Read more »

How to keep lamb filet juicy

Lamb is very tender, but cooking it too long can dry it out and make it tough. While many people marinate all meat, tender meat, such as filet and... Read more »

Today’s recipe: Garlic Shrimp

Here is an easy recipe for the summer to impress your guests. The aroma of garlic and herbs makes a grea impression.   Read more »

Lunch from the garden

I recall my mother sending me to the garden to pick tomatoes, onions, cucumbers and an assortment of herbs and other vegetables. She would chop onions and potatoes and... Read more »

Fresh cut tabuleh is full of taste

Tabouleh is a famous Lebanese dish, and as Middle Eastern food is becoming popular in the United States, most Americans have tasted it or can easily recognize the name... Read more »

Stuffed grape leaves lifted by bones

I recall my mother spending hours rolling grape leaves and preparing stuffed zucchini for the entire family. She would work for the entire day and we would demolish them... Read more »

Steamed tea fit for a king

Tea comes in many flavors and colors, but nothing do tea justice like steamed tea. As the tea brews, the sweet aroma of the black leaves fills the room.... Read more »