Tragedy strikes the community

Our community has lost a great family today when a driver going the wrong way hit their vehicle on I-75 near Lexington, Ky. Sam Abbas, his wife, three children and the driver of the other vehicle were all killed in the crash, according to Lexington Police.

We present ur deepest condolences to the Abbas family and the entire community on this terrible tragedy, and we ask the Lord to bless their soul and give their family the strength to cope with the loss.

The victims: Issam Abbas (42), Dr. Rima Abbas (38), and their 3 children (Ali, 14, Isabelle, 13, and Giselle, 7). Please keep them, their families, and friends in your thoughts and prayers. Click here for more

الجالية العربية في مدينة ديربورن تفجع بوفاة المحامي عصام عباس وعائلته اثر حادث ادى إلى مصرع العائلة على طريق I 75 لدى عودته من رحلة كان يقضيها مع زوجته واولاده

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