President Trump is right to leave Syria

When President Trump announced Thursday that he would leave Syria, the media went on the attack, crying that the decision is premature and that the job is not done.
President Trump is following his promise of evacuating the troops from the Syrian front because he believes that their mandate is complete, defeating radical Salafi foreign fighters in Syria.
The president’s decision to withdraw American troops is correct, ending America’s illegal presence in Syria. The so-called Islamic State is mostly defeated, and whatever America needs to do, it can be done from outside of the country and should be done in coordination with the Syrian government whether America likes the government or not.
The American presence in Syrian has been in violation of international law. For it to be legal America would have to be either invited by the Syrian government or authorized by the United Nations to intervene in Syria. America did not have either.
America provided support to Iraqis and Syrian fighting the Islamic State or ISIS, and America’s could have done that from its basis in the Middle East or from warships it has in the Mediterranean Sea. And even after Amerian troops leave Syria, they would still be able to provide the same assistance to finish ISIS. Their withdrawal would also empower the Syrian government to finish the job and protect its borders and would also allow the Syrian government to negotiate with Turkey to protect Syria’s northern border.
No one in the media has bothered to evaluate the situation in Syria or mention the illegal American presence in the country, instead, all media outlets launched an attack on the president.
Keep in mind that the president is not the only one that runs this country. Both the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives are the law-making body in America. They all have to work together with the president.
For the media to attack President Trump over the decision to leave Syria is sinister and shows how the media is dedicating its resources to force its opinion on the American people instead of reporting the news.
We expect more from the media in this country.

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