RamadanRamadan 2020

Wishing you safe and productive Ramadan

Ramadan begins today on April 13, where Muslims around the world abstain from eating and drinking from dawn until after dark.

The practice intends to teach discipline, bring awareness of the less fortunate, and make changes for a better person, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Preparation for the fast begins with drafting a plan of detailed goals to accomplish during the month of fast, including breaking bad habits and learning new ones. Islam recognizes the benefits of repetition, dedication and perseverance as tools for change.

Sharing food and donating money to the needy captures the essence of Ramadan. I remember my father saving money throughout the year to share with the poor, and asking me to deliver food before sunset to the needy. I used to leave the food at the door, knock, wait for a little to make sure someone heard me and leave before making eye contact with anyone, as my father instructed me. He used to say people do not need to know who gave them the food to preserve their pride.

Every year, we published a special guide for Ramadan. But we decided not to publish one this year because of the corona pandemic and the lack of funds. We will be publishing stories throughout the month about different recipes, activities and rituals during Ramadan. Please let us know if there is a topic, you would like us to cover.

Stay safe, enjoy the fast and make count. Please do not forget the less fortunate.


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