Outdoor cooking, baking

I  have always loved to cook outdoors, and I cherish the smell of fresh bread.

I recently combined the two together.

Let me back up a little.

Last year, the bought a cone-shaped fireplace and modified it into an outdoor fire pit to enjoy a fire in the evening and use it to cook during the day. The cone was too wide and it leaked smoke all over the place and it was dangerous to use during windy days. So, I added more metal plates to shrink the opening and I utilized an old fireplace screen that my neighbor discarded in the trash. The finished product was a safe and multi-purpose outdoor fireplace/stove.

Last month, I recalled my family using a beehive oven years ago to bake bread outside. The smell of hickory and fresh bread stayed with me for weeks until I came with an idea to ad a metal plate to my creation and bake bread or pizza on it. I tried lasts week, and it was a success. The smell of freshly baked bread and the sound of sizzling steak were worth it.

If you are thinking about a project or an idea. Just do it. It feels great.

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