Advertisement prices is a community magazine, designed to serve the Arab-American and Muslim communities in Michigan. We sell ads to offset some of the cost of producing the magazine. We appreciate your support and are honored to connect you with our community.



  1. 727p x 90p  banner across the front page: $1,000 for three months, linkable.
  2. 600p x 90p banner on the front page: $500 for three months, linkable.
  3. 300p x 250p ad that runs on the sidebar of the front page: $500 for six months, linkable.


  1. 300p x 500p ad that runs twice a month: $500 for six months. This ad is linkable.
  2. 300p x 500p ad plus 50 words blurb that can change every two weeks. The blurb allows a change of message and allows direct dialing as well.


  1. 727p x 90p banner across the top of the front page
  2. 300p x 500p ad in the e-newsletter
  3. 50 word blurb every two weeks
  4. 4 stories a year written by you to run on the front page (all stories must comply with policies and guidelines.) Art is supplied by you as well.

Art: All ads or banners can be either jpeg or png.

Note: We are flexible and are happy to work with you to achieve your marketing goals to fit your budget.

Working together to serve our communities



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