Mueller report is out, still confused

Okay, the Mueller report is out, and we are more confused and divided after millions of dollars spent and thousands of interviews and investigations.

The bottom line is that Russia did interfere in our election, and meetings took place at the Trump Tower in New York City between a Russian lawyer and senior Trump Campaign officials, according to page 6 of the report. Click here to read it.

But there weren’t enough evidence to implicate the president of collusion because the bar is set high for such illegal activities.

The report leaves a dirty trail of unethical activities that the Trump campaign committed, illustrating the difference between violating the law or violating the spirit of the law. In this case, the Trump campaign violated the spirit of the law, and there seem to be no legal consequences for that.

How does it affect you and me on the average level? It does not. I bet you that many American have no clue who Robert Mueller is and what he has been doing in the past two year, and they do not care.

The important thing here is that what can we do to learn from this and move on without continuing the division and the accusations that have tore us apart.

If the Muller investigation does not have enough evidence to charge the president with illegal doing, let’s move on. Let’s focus on more important things, such as the economy, healthcare, education and infrastructure.

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