Closing the border with Mexico, a rotten idea

Every time President Trump does not get his way, he comes up with an outrageous idea to deal with problems he basically creates for attention.

Early in the year, he shut down the government for more than 30 years to force the US Congress to give him money to build a wall. He put so many lives in jeopardy and caused unecessary misery to the thousands of federal works. He lost.

He later declared a national emergency to get the money for his wall, Congress and the courts shot his plans down.

Now, he wants to close the border with Mexico to stop the flow of asylum seekers to the country, but experts have warned that his ideas could have ‘catastrophic results’ on our country as well on Mexico.

The shutdown could result in billions of dollars in economic losses, destabilize border towns and cities, and do little to stop the flow of migrants across the southern border, according to CNN.

Why should we care? We import a good amount of vegetables from Mexico, including avocados, tomatoes, and berries. If the president shuts down the border, we would run out of most items within three weeks and drive prices up.

Of course, the president and his rich friends do not care because they would still afford any kind of vegetables no matter how expensive they become.

The president is right about Mexican government. They should do more to curb the number of people who seem to just walk through Mexico like they are walking through a public park. But shutting the border and making our neighbor suffer is not the answer. We urge the president to work with the Mexican government to solve the issue. Click here for more ….

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