Journey and an epic story in Srifa: Sayed Hassan Hachem, teacher, religious and spiritual leader

Southern Lebanon has produced over the years a wealth of poets, scholars, and highly educated leaders and individuals, who changed the course of history, lead the community into a better future, and fought invaders and occupiers.

Southern Lebanon, known as Jabal Amel, has been a lighthouse in the social and human history of Arabia, a guide for the truth, peace and equality. Some of these scholars include Sayed Abed Hussein Sharaf El Dine, Sayed Muhsin Al Amine and Sayed Moussa Al Sadr.

My grandfather, Sayed Hassan Hachem, was one of those great scholars and leaders, who fought the Turks, the French and later educated his community against the Israeli quest to occupy and annex Southern Lebanon.

For most, Sayed Hassan was the first person in the area to establish a school and educate the community to read and write. He published a magazine and was a pillar in the area that scholars returned to for advice and guidance.

Our friend, Dr. Ahmad Nazzal, put together a great book detailing the origin of the Hachem family in Srifa and their work and legacies. We thank Dr. Nazzal for his diligent work and hope you enjoy the book.

Click here to read the pdf file of the book.



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