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Ramadan Mubarak,

From the editor:

As we embark on the holy month of Ramadan, the Ya Michigan group would like to congratulate the different communities in Michigan and the world on the season of fasting, wishing everyone a safe and productive Ramadan experience. Ramadan begins around May 17 and ends around June 16, depending on the moon cycle. We prepared this section to share the social and spiritual joy of the community during this holy month with Muslims and non-Muslims and to facilitate as much interaction as possible through print, online and face-to-face.
This year, we have expanded the guide to include a wide variety of valuable information and tips since most people keep the guide for months. We have also worked with several schools, featuring students of different ages, gender and background.

We thank all the schools that worked with us, and the contributors who shared their thoughts and experiences. A special thank you to the sponsors who funded this project. Without their generous support, this guide could not have been possible.

We printed 5,000 copies for distribution in the community, and we will email an electronic version every week during the month of Ramadan for viewing and downloading. We are working with several organizations to maximize our electronic reach to up to 32,000 people. If you like additional copies, please call 313-819-0101.

Sponsors include: Kroger, Papaya Fruit Market, The Signature Group Reality, Xpress Freight Forwarding, Hometown Group Realty, Manessa Agency, LLC, Marian Khalaf, Infiniti One Group, Hype Athletics, Dave Abdallah, Red Effect, Access, Sal’s Pizza, House2Home Inspection Services, Care Pediatrics, Ali Beydoun, Lava Lounge, N.J. Diamonds, Yogurtown, Fairlane Carwash, Abbas Khalil, Wayne County Commissioner candidate Sam Baydoun,, Byblos Banquet, Betsy’s Bride and Formal, Royal Services Plus, Venture Title Agency, Wayne County Treasurer Eric Sabree, Super Greenland-Dearborn Heights, Evergreen Pharmacy and First Impression.

Contributors include: Imam Ibrahim Kazorooni, Sayyid M. B. Kashmiri, Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi, Father George Shalhoub, Imad Hammad, Dr. Mohammad Ajjour, Productivemuslims.com, Dearborn Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Glenn Maleyko, Dr. Hoda Amine, Susan Carland, Universal Learning Academy, Dreamy Islamic Academy, Tom Rusco, Dearborn Police Department, and American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan.












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Ramadan, the month of fast, peace, giving and mercy

What: Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar. It begins with the sighting of the new moon or at the beginning of the lunar month.

How: Fasting is a total abstention from eating, drinking, smoking and sexual activities from dawn until dark. On the spiritual side, Muslims are asked to avoid immoral behavior and anger and show compassion.

Purpose: The intention of fasting is to develop spiritual consciousness, self-control and improvement of health by reducing or eliminating impurities from the body. It also includes becoming aware of the plight of the poor, hungry and sick. It is a month of spiritual awareness and of a high sense of social responsibility.

Who: All healthy Muslims must observe the fasting season. The sick, travelers, children and others are exempted from fasting and can make up the fast at later days. Consult with your imam on the conditions of breaking the fast and whether your children should fast during these long summer days.

Components: Most Muslims wake up before dawn for suhoor to eat before the fast begins. They break fast with a meal at night and allocate time for prayers and supplications during the day.

End of Ramadan festival:  At the end of the month, Muslims observe Eidul-Fiter, which is a Thanksgiving Day for Muslims for completing the month of fast and renewing their spiritual connection. It is a major holiday and it includes family gatherings, visitations, gifts and celebrations.

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