Tax for road repair creates a pumpy​ start

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is proposing a 45 cent fuel tax to fix the roads. She ran on the “fixing the damn roads” slogan, and we appreciate her immediate attention to her campaign promise.

But dipping quickly into taxpayers pockets is not the right way to fix the roads. I understand that we are paying a high cost of continuously fixing our vehicles because of the deteriorating roads, and road conditions is an overdue issue for the state to tackle. But two things needs to happen before we ask taxpayers to pay the cost.

First, studies have shown that Michigan allows the heaviest loads on the road, and the allegation is that the heavy load is tearing up the roads. So, before fixing the roads, the state needs to study the weight issue, and find out if adjustments are needed before spending the money necessary.

Second, the governor needs to be looking at other sources of funding, such more federal funding or leveraging tax money for funds, before asking taxpayers to pay the cost.

Asking taxpayers to pay for programs is the easiest way out, and sometimes when a tax is imposed, it becomes perpetual.

Again, we appreciate the governor’s quick follow up on her promise to fix the roads, and we are confident that she would find the right mix of solutions to fix the road and minimize the burden on taxpayers.

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