Very low shameful turnout in Dearborn special election

Most of you do not know that Tuesday was a special election in Dearborn. Voters cast ballots in the 15th District State Representative primary. The general election is on May 3, 2022.

The sad part is that when I went to vote at 12 p.m., only 16 people have voted. The ballot included Jeffery Pepper and Alabas Farhat for the Democratic ticket. Pepper received 3,590 votes, while Farhat received 2,778 votes.

I don’t know either one, and congratulations to Pepper on his win. I don’t care how people voted; however, I care about the low turnout. Our community, which includes more than 17,000 registered voters, should have shown a better turnout regardless of who is on the ticket. A Turnout shows political strength, and our community is weak.

The results also do not speak well for those who consider themselves leaders in this community. When it is convenient for them, they mobilize the vote, and when it does not serve their interest, they ignore it. We hope that next election, the community will rise to the challenge.

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