Covid-19 information, updates and resources

Dear reader, we have compiled various information, local, state and federal resources to help you navigate the coronavirus crisis. If you like to add to this list of resources, please click this link to email it to us. Stay safe and healthy.

Daily update on numbers and areas

Please click here for a daily update on coronavirus cases in the state. Information is brought to you by the State of Michigan’s health authority. Click here for more ….

Community Resources:

List of places that are distributing food, medicine, and general assistance. Click for more ……..

Small Business Resources:

List of resources for small businesses including county, state and federal. Click here for more ……

Medical updates:

List of medical tips and updates on the coronavirus locally and nationally. Click here for more …..

Security updates:

List of updates and notices from police, state and federal governments. Click here for more ……..

Keeping food delivery and grocery safe

Home-delivered groceries, subscription meal kits, and mail-order food can be convenient. Make sure food safety is part of the package, too. Home-delivered food must be handled properly to prevent food poisoning. 

Whether food is shipped to your home or delivered by a local service, it needs to stay at a safe temperature to prevent the growth of germs that could make you sick. Follow these tips to keep you and your family safe while enjoying meals prepared at home from these foods.

Click here for more …..

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