Dearborn residents question hight property tax

More than 300 residents gathered at the Islamic Center of American Monday evening to discuss high property taxes in the city of Dearborn.

The Dearborn Community Council, a group of residents, called for the meeting to discuss the high rate of taxes in the city. Dearborn ranks as one of the highest in the state. Click here to see the list ….

Dr. Ali Berry, a local physician and president of the council, said that his group has been meeting with city officials for more than a year and urged residents to organize and challenge the high tax rate as a group.

He said the assessment process is not fair, and if the community acts as one group, it will be far more successful in its assessment challenge.

Dearborn City Council President Suzan Dabaja said the council has held several meetings with the mayor, the assessor and members of the Dearborn Community Council to address the tax assessment issue. The city is limited by state law by what it can do in regard to assessments, she said.

Dabaja urged the public to attend the budget meetings, which are open to the public. “This is your opportunity to hear how the city is spending taxpayers money,” she said.

Dabaja said the city has been working hard to control spending and keep taxes low while the cost of services has increased.

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