Desperate for president

One year after the presidential election and we seem to be anxious to vote again.
Only a few minutes after Oprah Winfrey delivered her moving speech at the Golden Globe Sunday, she sparked presidential speculation.
Are we desperate for what?
Yes. Oprah’s speech was moving, touching and on point, but she is not a diplomat and nor is she a politician. She is a great at what she does. She tells important stories, conducts great interviews, inspires us and teaches us.
But for president, we need more skills than that. The past year is a great testament for the need to have a president with a proven experience in public office.
Oprah has the traits of a wonderful person. She is a successful businesswoman and an effective show host. She gives a great speech and all of sudden, we want her to run for office.

I admire Oprah and will continue to do so, but for president in 2020, I would like to have the choice of voting for someone who has a governing experience. If she runs for Congress first or the state house or another office to gain political experience and proves to be successful, she has my vote. Click here for more on this issue from the New York Times …. 


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