Facebook users face the truth

Facebook users got a rude awakening last week when they learned that their information has been used by a third party for political research and target marketing. Many people were shocked. But I am not sure why.

Let’s start from the beginning: The idea for Facebook was that you share information on the social media, which means in public, and in return Facebook and a web of advertisers, spies, research and curious individuals and groups gather information about you and use your data to either form marketing campaigns, sell you goods or sell your information. Anyone who thought their information was safe online needs to wake up.

If you don’t want to share your data or personal information with the world, don’t put it on social media. How do you think Facebook, Amazon, Google and all other entities know that you are looking for a new pair of shoes? Well, here is a hint. You searched new shoes online, and they grabbed your information and they are using it to sell you shoes.

I get it that Facebook is now facing scrutiny from the government and could be under investigation on how it is using our data, but it was all in fine print and we did not bother to read it.

When I signed up for my Facebook account, I did not read any fine print; I did not evaluate the risk of being online; I did not bother to learn how the settings work and how I can protect my data. I just signed up and I was happy to see the likes and the comments from my family and friends.

I am sorry to tell you that if you are online, you have no privacy. If you buy merchandise online, you have less security. If you use you cellphone and apps and share information, someone is more likely listening to your conversation, viewing your photos or gathering information about you.

We are at a point of no return. We are surrounded by mobile technology and we should get used to it.

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