Property assessment in the mail

If you own property in the state of Michigan, you should be receiving a tax assessment notice in the mail starting this week.
A tax assessment notice does not mean a tax bill. It just shows the increase in property assessment in a specific area, especially an increase in taxes.

It is important to remember that your taxes will always go up regardless of the market behavior. In Michigan, taxes go up at the rate of inflation to keep it simple. If your property’s market value is $150,000, your taxes should go up about $40, assuming that you did not improve your house or buy a new property.

If you bought a house or property in 2020, most likely, your 2021 taxes will go up a lot more than the rate of inflation and sometimes could more than double if the previous owner had been in that house for a long time. The city will uncap the value to current market value without considering how much you paid for the home.

If you think that the city has increased your taxes more than it should, you can appeal to the local entity first within specific days listed on the notice you received, and if you are not successful, you can appeal to the Michigan Tax Tribunal which is free.

Taxes are very complicated. If you have a question, call the city, or you can call Khalil Hachem at 313-819-0101.

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