Trump ends DACA, trading a dream for a nightmare

The evening news began with the note that “delivering on his campaign promise, President Trump ended DACA, the Obama-era program that allowed undocumented immigrants who came to the U.S. as children to remain in the country. He also gave Congress six months to save the policy.
The decision was devoid of any common sense and mercy for the 800,000 children that have been living in the U.S. for years.
First, most of these children have been educated in public schools, and we have spent billions of dollars educating them. Now, we are telling them to leave and take their education somewhere else. This does make economic sense.
Second, it seems that a campaign promise is more important than the well being of 800,000 human being. How cruel can the government be? The president did not even have the guts to make the announcement himself. He sent his attorney general to deliver the news.
Now, the president can brag about delivering on his campaign promise while tossing the controversial issue to Congress to deal with during a mid-term election. This isn’t how the executive branch should govern.

The right thing to do is to grant these children citizenship. They live here and have no other country to go to.
We regret such short-sighted decision and we hope that Congress do the right thing and govern where the president failed.


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