Dysfunctional government in Washington

We elect men and women to go Washington D.C. and work for us. On Friday, they decided to work for themselves. The U.S. Senate failed to pass a short-term spending bill by midnight, meaning federal agencies are now operating without a budget.

Now, the blame game: President Trump is blaming the Democrats while the Democrats say that the Republicans control the U.S. Congress and the presidency and that they are the one to blame. The Democrats want to give legal status to immigrants who were brought here as children while the Republicans want to push that issue for later.

Both sides are very cruel. Not the shut down continues until this week, essential federal workers, such as the military and first responders, will have to work without pay. Other federal employees will have to stay home.

If you want to get a passport or conduct any federal business, it will have to wait. Who should you blame for that? Both sides because they failed to govern and they both should be kicked out, stripped of medical coverage, pay and all of the privileges they enjoy.

It is a shame that the men and women we sent to Washington cannot find a way to resolve their difference and serve the citizens of this great country. Click here for more on how the shutdown would affect you ….


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