Trump scores in France

If we compare last year’s G-7 to this year, one thing is very different and that is our president: Donald Trump.

At the end of last year’s meeting, Trump left the summit early and bashed some of our closest allies.

This year, Trump seemed more presidential than ever. He even floated the possibility of meeting with the Iranian president to find a solution to the standoff with that country, and he hinted at possibly ending the trade war with China.

Reopening the door for negotiations with Iran is a smart approach and we encourage the president to do so. A war with Iran does not benefit anyone, not even Israel who is pushing very hard for a military conflict between the United States and Iran. Negotiation is the only way.

As far as China and the trade war, Trump must find a way to end that standoff. Trump has imposed tariffs on China and is promising more tariffs. Unfortunately, tariffs don’t work and are a tax on American consumers. Our economy is showing signs of recession and we cannot afford to go backward.

Monday was a good day for President Trump, and we hope he carries forward for a few weeks until he solves these issues. Click here for more …..

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