Recession or not

President Donald Trump’s economy policies and trade war are fueling concern among economists and investment experts that such policies could lead to a recession in 2021.

The concerns come after a time when the president continues to insist that the economy is strong and unemployment is low. But the concern seems real since the White House is looking for ways to prevent the recession by pushing for a temporary payroll tax cut, according to USA Today.

Instead of pushing for such measures, the President needs to reconsider his trade policies and abandon his trade wars. He also needs to reduce tension in the Middle East to ease concerns about oil and fuel cost before the winter arrives.

The other sign is that the president decided to hold off on imposing additional sanctions on China for now or until Americans finish their back to school shopping.

For now, the economy is showing some recession signs. If the President changes course, he may propel the economy forward instead of trying to prevent a recession.

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