Food trends for 2018

We all want to be healthy, eat healthy and treat our bodies very well.
And every January that urge gets a boost with the new year. Jackie London, RD and Nutrition Director of Good Housekeeping magazine, said on the TODAY show that the top food in 2018 include plant-based snacks, riced vegetables, alternatives to dairy, and new global alternatives like plantain chips.
She said that diet fads, “it” ingredients and healthy sounding food trends come and go (anyone remember the gut-wrenching Olestra chips? We’d be happy to forget those forever!), but some of 2018’s top trends are ones you can actually use to make healthier eating habits that stick. Why? Because they’re as nutritious as they are delicious! Here, we’re breaking down the top better-for-you trends to watch in 2018 — and giving you tips for trying out these easy-to-use ideas at home. Click here for more on the story



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