Hammoud, Woronchak, library, charter proposals pass in Dearborn

The primary election in the city of Dearborn makes history and shows that the residents want a change in their government and leadership.

Abdullah Hammoud Gary Woronchak scored the top votes in the Dearborn primray mayoral election Tuesday. Hammoud received 8,858 votes while Woronchak received 3,889.

Seven candidates contested the primray including the Dearborn City Council president Susan Dabaja.

In the city council race, 14 candidates advanced to the general election. The winers include Robert Abraham, Said Mashgari Alawathi, Kamal Alsawafy, Erin Byrnes, Silvio Davis, Lola Elzein, Gary Enos, Khor Farhat, Musapha Hammoud, Leslie C. Herrick, Sam Luqman, Khalil Othman, Ken Paris and Michael T. Sareini.

The library renewal millage passed with 13,331 votes for and 6,447 against.

The proposal to revise the city’s charter passed with 11,938 for it and 7,050 against. This number signifies that the residents are unhappy with the city business and would like to see a change. We hope that the commission would embark on valuable changes in Dearborn, including changing the city government into a strong city-manager form of government.

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