The heartbreak of world cup 2018

Fans of the Brazilian soccer team in the Middle Eastern communities in Michigan are very frustrated.

Brazil is the dominant country among Middle Easterners, and its early departure from the world cup left a lot of fans angry and heart broken, Michigan is home to the largest concentration of Middle Eastern Americans in the United States.

The flurry of messages on Facebook, Whatsup and all of the social networks took off even before the game ended. Some consoling, some angry and some have giving up on soccer all together.

Brazil has been a favorite for people of Middle Eastern origin for a long time. Argentina, Italy and Germany take a second seat to the Latin American country. Usually a few Middle Eastern countries make it to the world cup, but a few make if any make it past the round of 16.

During the 1976-Lebanese civil, worring factions halted the fighting to watch the games and return to war after the game. Residents used the lull to go to the store or flee the area.

This year, every one is disappointed because Brazil did not make it at least to the semi-final. Now, they have to wait four years before another chance.

Read more on the reaction of fans inside Brazil, where soccer is a religion. Click here for more ….


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