Croatia wins the hearts of fans

The 2018 World Cup final was a great match from beginning to end. Thanks to France and particularly to Croatia, whose team played exceptionally well despite the loss.

The Croatian team dominated the play in possession, shooting at the goal and keeping the ball moving. However, team members seemed to lack the experience to score and defend important shots.

In a different game, most fans of Middle Eastern origin in Michigan would have been cheering for France, but on Sunday, almost everyone wanted Croatia to win for two reasons: Fans wanted a new champion since France already wont world cup 18 years ago, and members of the Croatian team and the Croatian president have showed a great humility and sophistication.

All in all, it was a great game, and Croatia should be proud of making to the final, surpassing legendary teams such as, Argentina, Brazil, Germany and and England.

We wish you better luck in 2022.

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