Community transforms neighborhoods

Nearly most of the homes that are bought in the Dearborn-Dearborn Heights area are being transformed into larger homes, pushing the market value of the neighborhoods upward.

The trend has started several years ago when the afluent Middle Eastern communities began settling into East Dearborn and it now has spread to the rest of the Dearborn area.

It is not uncommon for 1,000 square-foot single family home to be transferred into a state-of-the art home doubling in size, especially on streets such as Oakman Boulevard in Dearborn and the along Gully Street in Dearborn Heights. Some homes have been transformed into million-dollar homes.

The Middle Eastern communities in the Southeast Michigan generates more than $7 billion in Salaries and more than that in private businesses. Owners spend money on homes and expensive vehicles such as Mercedes and BMWs. It is just the American dream.


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