Avoiding conflict at work and ways to resolve it

The workplace is becoming more diverse everyday in opinion, background and approach, and minimizing conflict can help business owners empower their team, improve morale and enhance production.

Open Form of American Express published a story in June outlining some suggestions to resolve conflicts at work. This is only an information and not a legal advice. Consult your own financial, personnel and tax advisor for advice.

The recommendations inlcude:

Open communications: Create an office culture that supports clear, concise, honest, accurate and timely communication.

Listening: We often forget to listen. Often employees can tell us how to resolve conflict and save us time and efforts.

Boundaries: Set clear boundaries that describes what is allowed and what is not. Eliminate gray areas also much as possible.

Hire effectively: Hire the right people for your mission and vision, employees who fit your culture.

Clear job description: Provide clear expectations and responsibilities.

Well defined chain of command: Create a simple chain of command and enforce it strictly. It helps minimize confusion and could keep you out of the courtroom.

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