Stuffed grape leaves lifted by bones

I recall my mother spending hours rolling grape leaves and preparing stuffed zucchini for the entire family. She would work for the entire day and we would demolish them in one sitting. They were delicious.

When I started making it, I have made a few changes over the years to enhance the taste and add more flavor. For example, I make my own broth and grow herbs in the backyard. Tomatoes for the stuffing is all organic and the meat is lean.

Soon, a friend suggested I add bones to the dish, placing either sliced neck bones or ribs on the bottom of the pan. I went even a bit further, boiling the ribs or the neck bones for a few minutes to reduce the fat and enhance the taste and placed them under the grape leaves and zucchini. Cooking  for about two hours, the mix yielded incredible tasty dish.

Try it. Be brave.



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