Mediterranean diet is on the menu

Are you trying to change your eating habits to become more healthy or lose weight? Or do you just want to sample a different diet?

The U.S. News and World Report has included theMediterranean diet as one of its top three diets while the US government continues to name the Mediterranean diet as the example of how we should eat.
So what is a Mediterranean diet?

According to the Harvard Medical School, Mediterranean diet is based on the eating patterns of long-lived people on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, this plan doesn’t prescribe specific amounts of any food group.

Instead, it offers a pyramid. Vegetables, fruits, nuts, whole grains, and vegetable oils are the base of the diet. Fish are the second tier, with at least two servings weekly suggested. Poultry and dairy are advised in moderation. Meats and sweets are to be consumed “less often.” When the 2015 Dietary Guidelines panelists reviewed research from the past five years on diet and chronic disease, the Mediterranean approach was one of the three model eating patterns they highlighted.

The thing to remember about Mediterranean diet is that it is more a life style than just a list of food to eat. It includes using meat and poultry to flavor food, being active and being social, activities that includes eating with friends and family.

Please remember, before you change your eating habits, consult your doctor.

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