Missed opportunity with Iran

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and President Trump did not meet at the United Nations. You would think that the whole purpose of being at the United Nations is to solve disputes and find solutions, but it seems to be a theater to flex muscles and trade threats.

The United States continues to adopt a hostile stance toward Iran after the Trump administration left the nuclear agreement and impose sanctions on Iran because President Trump did not like it. Iran, which did not violate the agreement, is still part of the accord that was signed with several other nations.

On top of that, the Trump administration imposed impossible conditions on Iran that no nation would accept or be able to meet. Most experts believe that those were conditions for war not for peace or resolution of the conflict.

On the other hand, Iran missed an opportunity to dovetail on the North Korean summit and invite President Trump for a meeting and start negotiations to avoid sanctions.

It is through talking how we resolve conflict, not by threats or sanctions; besides, sanctions are a form of war and do not work. If the Trump administration thinks that it could prevent Iran from selling its oil without disrupting the entire oil industry and throwing the entire region into chaos, American officials are in for a rude awakening. We don’t seem to learn. How many people died in Iraq, and the country has not recovered from that war.

Any disruption in the flow of oil in the Persian Gulf would drive the price of oil to a record high and destroy our economy.

We hope that both countries find a way to resolve their conflicts peacefully and without war, sanctions or misery. Click here for more on the interview with the president of Iran ….. 

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