Tackling racism one leader at a time

On the day of commemorating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., one of the greatest civil rights leaders in American history, we are debating whether our president is racist or not.
Recent presidents have traditionally marked the day attending public events. President Trump spent the day at his resort in Florida, and he later tried to defend himself as not being a racist, a few days after he allegedly called Haiti and poor African countries “S….. hole countries.”
America is divided today, and a good number Americans and Republican leaders are defending the president and his rhetoric, clanging that his remarks are not about racism, they are about economics.
So now, the war is against the poor not against a certain group of Americans. Canceling services, dismantling the healthcare act, targeting immigrants and giving corporations a perpetual tax cut are all part of the war against the poor. Is that better than being racist? Not sure.
Unfortunately, the president’s conduct could help him get re-elected again in a few years, but his act is very embarrassing and difficulty to explain to children. The president of the United States should be a uniter not a divider, even if it costs him the election.
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream of an America for all Americans not a selected a few. President Trump is trying to trying to make America great again  for the selected few.
Locally, our community came together Monday to commemorate Dr.King’s day with speeches and calls for unity and fighting racism. Click here for more …

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