The Cohen fiasco

The fiasco in Washington DC continues today, as a congressional committee questions Michael Cohen about allegations that President Trump broke the law in regard to several issues including campaign finance.

At issue is whether the president committed a felony while in office, giving Cohen hush money to keep an adult film star quiet about her alleged affairs with Trump.

The sad part about it the investigation is that the Republicans were devoted to attack Cohen, who admitted to lying to Congress and is going to prison for his crime. The Republicans did not challenge Cohen on his allegations other than trying to paint him as a lier.

The Democrats on the other side are using Cohen to implicate the President. They did not press him on details and material evidence, especially when he said more things are being investigated by the Southern District of New York. Well that district does not have the authority to investigate the president; Congress can and only Congress can take actions against the president.

Democrats and Republicans can abandon partisan politics, we could find the truth about what happened and move on to more important issues.

By the way, President Trump did not reach an agreement with North Korea about their nuclear weapons.

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