Unite to fight domestic​ terror

One day after a bloody weekend in America, President Donald Trump blamed mental illness and hatred for the tow shootings in Ohio and Texas that claimed 29 lives.

There is no evidence so far that mental illness played a part in the shooting, but hatred most likely did — hatred of immigrants and people of a different color, nationality, and race.

And things will get worse unless our leaders change their rhetoric and political speech that promote hatred against people who look different and disagree with them.

It starts with President Trump, who has been railing against immigrants and some people of color.

This is not the time to use hateful rhetoric to score political points or win elections. This is the time to recognize that America is under attack by local terrorirsts, and we all need to work together to protect our nation.

The president said Monday that “Open wounds cannot heal if we are divided,” and he is correct, but he is the first leader who should work to unite this country.

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