Commemorating a hero

When 8-year-old Younes heard his father’s will being read at the funeral, he pressed his head against his mother’s chest and began crying.

“When you were born it was the greatest thing that ever happened to me,” said Officer Anthony Hussein Dia in his will. “There is so much I want to teach you and your brother, but since you’re reading this I may have not been able to teach you guys all of those things. ……………Take care of your mother and brother for me. You are the man of the house now. I love you so much and am so proud of you.”

Officer Dia was shot and killed on July 4, 2020, in Toledo Ohio after responding to a disturbance at the Home Depot store, according to the Toledo Police. Dia, 26, leaves behind a wife Jayme, Younes, 8, and Maytham, 6. He had joined the department in 2018.

His last words on the police radio were “Tell my family I love them.”

The IMAM organization held a memorial for officer Dia in Dearborn at 10:30 a.m. Saturday, July 25, 2020. The event drew a score of public and elected officials, community and religious leaders.

“Officer Dia was a great example and a role model for all American Muslims,” said His Eminence Sayed M. B. Kashmiri, Vice-Chair of the IMAM organization. “He is a great example of fidelity and loyalty. He was loyal to his country, his faith, his community, and his family.”

Wayne County Commissioner Sam Baydoun, Dearborn Heights council members Dave Abdallah and Bill Bazzi, and Dearborn Judge Salem Salami attended the event. Dearborn Police Chief Ron Haddad presented the Dia family with a proclamation from the City of Dearborn. Click here to watch the memorial……

Dia’s father, Tony, thanked the IMAM organization and the Dearborn area community for holding the memorial. “I’m proud of him,” he said.

A fund has been created to help the family. Please click here for donations …

Dia’s Will that was read during the memorial Saturday:
Provided by Jayme Dia

                                                  My final words and will to my family.

  • Anthony Hussein Dia


I am typing this letter in case one day I do not make it home from work or pass away unexpectedly. If you’re reading this that means I am no longer here. I hope my family can find some solace in this letter. I’ll attempt to address all of my loved ones in this letter as well as my belongings and property.

            My son, Younes. When I found out your mother was pregnant with you I was so nervous. I was still just a boy myself and couldn’t possibly imagine raising a child. Prior to you being born I got a job on my 18th birthday. It was hard work, but every day I would show up with the thought of you in my mind, motivating me to continue so I could support you. When you were born it was the greatest thing that ever happened to me. I truly believe Allah (swt) had it planned this way because becoming a father changed me so much (for the better). There is so much I want to teach you and your brother, but since you’re reading this I may have not been able to teach you guys all of those things. I am typing this in the holy month of Ramadan 2020. This month is a time for reflection and I have thought a lot about death in this month and being prepared for the end of this journey. Take care of your Mother and Brother for me. You are the man of the house now. I love you so much and am so proud of you. You and your brother are the reason I woke up every day and the reason I was where I was in life.

            My son, Maytham. You will always be my baby no matter how old you get. Every day you and your brother make laugh and bring so much joy to my life. Please look after your Mother as well. She will need you and Younes during this time. I want you to know that I am also so proud of you. You are so smart and caring for others. You both are so much better than I ever deserved and I can only thank Allah (swt) for that. May you both please forgive me for any shortcomings I had. I know I wasn’t always the best Dad and may have been harder on you both than I should’ve. I hope are good times far outweigh any of the bad times.

            My sons, my advice for you is this. Hold tight to the rope of Allah (the Ahlulbayt (as)). Do your prayers every day and maintain your belief in Allah (swt) and Islam. Continue in your entire life to be a Shia of Ali (as). As you were both born with this right, which is a blessing not all are born with. Study your religion and keep these books in English I have gathered to learn from. Never be ashamed of your faith and state your beliefs to others with confidence but also humility. Learn Allahs book and the life of your Prophet Muhammad (saw) and the Ahlulbayt (as). Maintain relations with your family, even those relatives who do not believe such as us. When you have doubts about your religion or Allah (swt), pray to him and study these books as you will almost always find your answer to your questions from these. I pray you go to college and get some sort of degree. I also pray you each have a family of your own and also have children of your own. Your Mother would love to be a Grandma. I pray you raise your children on the same principles and faith I have raised you. But also with the humor and playfulness, we always had. I love you both with everything in me.

            My wife, Jayme. We have been through so much together. You were the best wife a man could ask for. Always supporting me in all things. You never asked for much but in return gave your all to myself and our children. You are truly the love of my life and I know I did not tell you that as much as I probably should’ve. I apologize for my shortcomings and hope you forgive me. Please continue to raise our children on the right path. We may not be perfect but I don’t think we were doing to bad. I hope you can be happy in this dunya. I hope you get to become a grandmother and live a long happy life after I am gone. I am sure that sounds impossible right now but maybe in time. I pray. I love you and our sweet boys with everything in me. I am sorry that I am gone sooner than I wanted to be. Every soul shall taste death and this is when Allah (swt) wanted me to return. I love you so much..

            My Mother and Father, you guys were the best parents I could ask for. Baba you were like superman to me growing up. I looked up to you always. You were my real-life superhero. Mom, you were always there for me when I needed you. You both were. I hope you both forgive for all the headaches and pain I caused you both when I was growing up. I love you both so much.

            My siblings, Layla, I know I never say it but I love you. You were a great sister and an even better aunt. Forgive me for being a jerk sometimes when we were younger. Ali and Haidar, I love you both. Stay close with Younes and Maytham you guys all growing up together is so amazing to see.

            I hope that maybe if I passed away at work that Allah (swt) will forgive me and accept me amongst the martyrs. Every day I put on the uniform it was the intention to protect the weak and innocent in my community from the evil. I also hope that if I was shot, I was able to take the shooter with me. I hope I died with bravery. Please recite Surah Yasin at my grave and please pray that Allah forgives me for my sins. I lived a fulfilling life and have accomplished all anyone could ask for. I have no complaints and thank Allah every day for what he has blessed me with. I could go on and on in this letter to my loved ones but Ill stop here. I hope with time this gets easier for you all.

            Lastly, for my property. I leave everything I own to my Wife, Jayme Dia. May she distribute it as she sees fit. Please make sure the boys get the books and academics and anything else they may ask for from mine. This is not our final goodbye. I know that one day, we will all see each other again. But until then, I will ask Allah to let me visit you all as much as possible and watch over you as much as I can.

            From Allah we come, and to Allah we shall return.

A fund has been created to help the family. Please click here for donations …

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