Election Day. Yalla Vote

Today is the primary election in Michigan, and the time for Americans to practice one of the most important aspects of our democracy. This is the time to hire the people who represent us in government and serve our governmental needs. Remember, we hire public servants, not bosses. They work for us, and we pay their salaries.

I voted this morning at 8 a.m., and I was No. 8 voter. I hope that our community either voted absentee or go out and vote.

Residents can vote absentee and we expect the number of absentee ballots to more than double. The deadline to request an absentee ballot has passed, and if you have not returned your AV ballot, bring it to the city or township clerk.

The increase of absentee ballots is a wonderful tool to increase voting participation, especially minority and elderly residents, who are unable to travel or do not own a vehicle. However, it could delay election results a few days, which is okay.

If you are not sure where to find your precinct or you want to see a sample ballot, visit the Michigan Voter Information Center. Click here to visit.

The website provides a host of information about ballots, voting, and voting sites.

The voting place was spaced out according to the state’s social distancing guidelines and included plenty of wipes and sanitization material.

Whatever you do, go out and vote. No excuses.


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