Stimulus deadlock and weak presidential actions

President Donald Trump signed four executive orders Saturday intended to provide unemployment aid, suspend the collection of the payroll taxes, avoid eviction and assist student-loan payments.

The action came after Congress failed to reach an agreement on a stimulus package that has been in discussion for weeks.

The president’s actions fall short of providing pandemic-related relief to the people who need it.

The unemployment aid is reduced to $400 and is contingent upon 25 percent of cash assistance from the states. The money would come from the FEMA fund and would require states to retool their programs to accommodate the change. People who do not have jobs need money now. They cannot wait for weeks to get help.

The payroll tax is very questionable and experts believe that most employers would hold that money, fearing that they may have to pay it back. In short, it would not hold any relief to taxpayers.

The pause on federal student loans has been extended until the end of the year, and it is the only action from the president that is worth noting. He urged agencies to look for ways to address the coming edition crisis, offering no immediate help there.

As far as Congress, Democrats and Republicans continue to be deadlocked over the stimulus package and there seems to be no solution in sight to solve the impasse. Click here to review the sticking points … 

Some of the sticking points include the amount of money allocated for dependents, unemployment benefits, evictions, and money for reopening schools.

We hope that the president had invested his time and persuasion power to help congress reach a deal than acting alone for the sake of the November election. We urge both sides to work together to resolve the standoff because we do not have time to waste.

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