Corruption in Washington, D.C.

The Democrats wasted no time impeaching former President Donald Trump for his alleged incitement of the attack on the Capitol building last month.

The Democrats knew that they would not be able to get enough votes to convict Trump, but they did it anyway. Some say they did it to prevent Trump from running for public office again, while others claim that the Democrats wanted to split the Republican Party and hamper their chances of regaining either the House or the Senate in 2022.

If the Democrats lacked the courage to conduct an in-depth trial and call everyone involved to testify under oath, they should not have started the impeachment. Whatever the intention of the Democrats was, for the most part it seems to have been politically motivated.

On the other hand, most Republican senators voted against Trump’s impeachment to save their political futures and/or please Trump supporters in their states. Most Republican senators did not even want to call witnesses or hear evidence about the case. Their vote was purely politically motivated.

The attack on the Capitol building hit American democracy at the core and sent shivers down the nation’s spine, highlighting domestic terrorism and tyranny in Washington, D.C.

Some argued that Trump is no longer in office, and the nation should overlook his action and that calling for the rioters to attack the Capitol building and force former Vice President Pence to change the vote fell under freedom of speech.

Well, inciting unrest that results in the death of five people and the destruction of government property is not protected under free speech. And ignoring what Trump allegedly did because he was the president of the United States violates American standards, where “no one is above the law.”

Mr. Trump should be held accountable for allegedly urging terrorists to attack the Capitol building. The U.S. Congress should form a commission to investigate the attack, investigate the president, investigate members of Congress who allegedly might have helped the terrorists, and investigate the security breach and the lack of preparation for the attack since law enforcement knew about it ahead of time.

We elect politicians to go to Washington to serve and protect, but when their concern over elections and their partisan agendas take precedent over their intended function, they become corrupt.

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