keeping kids occupied during the coronavirus break

The governor declared an emergency and closed all k-12 schools for three weeks. Now, what do we do with the kids?

Luckily, all school districts are working on a plan to either email or hold classes online. So, they will have some school work to do, but still, they need you to supervise and keep them in line, which is not a bad deal if you are one of the lucky ones who get to stay home or work from home.

But, how about the rest of the time?

Here are some suggestions from the experts that could keep kids busy and away from electronics:

Sticker books: There are sticker book options for all ages.
Play-doh: Though it can be messy, desperate times call for desperate measures.
Puzzles: Puzzles can be a great way to spend time with the kids or keep them occupied and they are great tools for learning.
Art supplies: Simple markers and sheets of paper can do. This mentions can unleash kids’ creativity and limit the mess to sheets of papers.
Involving them in house chores, such as cleaning and cooking.
Keep in mind, a lot of stuff can be printed from the Internet, and there are many apps that you can purchase to keep kids occupied.

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