Tragedy unites Muslim-Jewish communities

American Jewish-Muslim relations have had their moments when they reach the fault line of politics, but when tragedy struck the Jewish community in Pittsburg recently, the Muslim community raced to raise money and provide support to their Jewish friends.

“Wasi Mohamed, the Executive Director of the Islamic Center of Pittsburgh, has helped lead an effort that’s raised more than $190,000 for those impacted by the synagogue massacre,” according to CNN.

Rabbi James Gibson, of nearby Temple Sinai, told Anderson Cooper the two Pittsburgh communities have a longstanding relationship:

“History may have divided us, but faith brings us together.”

Gibson is absolutely right. The two communities differ in opinion and support for the state of Israel, but they have many things in common, and working together would strengthen the two communities.

Our prayers and thoughts are with the victims and their families, and we hope that this tragedy brings the two together not only in Pittsburg but also in the entire United States. Only by talking we can move forward.

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